Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Dear Friends,

After quite a long time I am back again to share many different and interesting things with you. Thank you very much for visiting my page, and being patient with me. Hopefully I will post more regularly than before. :)

Soon is Easter and I wanted to share some nice pictures with you to put a smile on your face and maybe remind you of your childhood. When I was a child Easter for me was a lot fun,I loved dying easter eggs and later to have easter egg tapping contest. Well I still love to do it but I think I should have more time to do what I used to do as a child.

We should never lose the child inside us!

Hope you like and enjoy these pictures. May be on Easter you can have egg tapping contest and the one who wins can get the dessert first and the biggest piece. ;D

Doesn't matter what religion you belong to, just have some fun and enjoy your day! And don't forget to smile! =))