Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to Roots...

Each day brings into our life new experiences,new happiness or disappointments.Each thing which enters our life changes us,sometimes for better sometimes not.We grow up and usually during this process we forget about one thing, thing which is very important and need to be protect.The Child in us,in that innermost where usually we dont like to look at,the sacred place of our being, where the darkest and the brightest things are kept.While we are afraid to look there not to see the darkest parts we at the same time ignore that Child too, the brightest thing in our existance.This child is keeping us pure and gives us all the good behaviours.

In life we face many things and they can be very cruel, rude and can discourage us.Even if we start with good intentions at the end we can give up or at that crucial stage we can start changing even without noticing it. We can become just like one of others.I call them "zombies" or "clones" for their identical behaviours.People that we were complaining about, that they are rude, selfish, cruel etc are not anymore different from us as we are day by day getting more like them.

To my opinion money is the biggest reason of all this evil and the worst thing is that we bring up our children with this idea of our cruel world and pollute their bright and pure minds and deprive them from having a real childhood.

Try it at least for once, remember your childhood, where there were no worries about money and all that material things. Go out into the nature, be one with it, explore it anew. Walk under the rain, enjoy the sun rays sparkling on your hair, watch children playing, listen to their laughter, have some adventure with nature. Look around, I am sure before because of the the rush of the daily life and financial worries you didnt notice many things, many beautiful things around and you can enjoy them for free!

Don't let the Child inside to die.It is like a flower and neeeds to be watered and cared with love.Love is the only thing that can keep it alive.Don't let life to make you indifferent to it.

Let's go back to our roots inside.Let's remember the good things.Think about how good life can be.If everybody makes some effort that's not that difficult.

by Sveta

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enjoytheworld said...

wonderful blog! It's amazing and exciting to remember about our childhood... Thanks