Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Need Sunshine...

4th of June.It is supposed to be summer.Outside is not more than 10 degrees celcius.It's cold and I miss the sun.Even though today is not raining and the sky is clear,still I dont feel my best.Considering that I am ill now,it makes the situation worse.I am sick, with running nose and headache, alone at home with a company of my pc and taking tons of pills that I hate.But this time I can't escape it, as my doc strongly recommended me to take them regularly.Now I have a "nice" big pack full of tablets waiting for me. Blah! Feel lazy too, or just apathic. Hmmm....Actully at these time I can be very productive and can write something good (if I stop being lazy :P ). I realized that bad conditions or emotional experiences make me more productive in writing and I can get the most out of my innermost and put it on paper.So as they say, in every bad thing there is something good. ( When I look at myself from aside I can see there are some improvements in me. :) Even if I complain I still stay or try to stay positive. ) But first I need my headache to disappear. :S
As all women, I am not exception :) , I like to share my problems and to complain.It makes me feel relief a bit.While men try first to solve their problems by themselves and ask for help only if they see they cant handle it, women dont ask for advice but need just to be heard and get the symphaty of the person at that moment.
Is anybody going to show a symphaty for me today? :)
Today's posting is more like a part of a diary.I just feel like write all that, maybe it can help somehow for me to feel better.
God, how I wish now to be on the beach and enjoy the sunshine and the breeze, and leave myself at the embrace of the sea.
Somebody rescue me!!! :)

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Rana said...

sometimes the good in life can be bad for us, and the bad can be good too i mean most of the poets these days also the old days has written their best pieces out of their darkest moments
i remember this line from a poem that indicates how
the more the sky was darker the more the stars in shall shine ;)