Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scarlet Sails (The Book)

"Scarlet sails" tells the story of a little girl named Asole , who met a story teller one day and was told that someday in the future a ship with red sails would arrive -- to take her away to a new, happy life. She believed the story and kept this faith even when she grew up. She was considered strange, the town's people laughed at her and her life wasn't easy, but she managed to preserve a golden heart and pure eyes of a child.

Known as one of the most beautiful and romantic tales ever written, the book soon became a Russian classic. The best time to read is perhaps when you are still in your childhood, young and dreamy. Later in life, you will realize how powerful the story is. It's like a light in your heart, give you faith and help you standing up from the disappointments.

Saying it that way, the effect of the story on adult readers might not be as strong but it is still worth a look for anyone who has romantic soul and believes in miracles. And of course, Alexander Green's writing style is always joyful, poetic and very enjoyable.

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