Thursday, June 5, 2008


Today I woke up with a different feeling, to be more correct, during the day I felt something rising inside me, like sun rises and it brightened my innermost.I felt that I am changing, am I reviving, just like a Fenix.

I realized that we shouldn't stop working on ourselves.Graduating from college or getting the skills we need to survive is not enough.We should keep working not only on our bodies or minds, but also on our souls too.

I decided to change my thoughts, my attitude to life and understand my innermost.I want to see what really lies there.Then I will find myself, my soul will be free and I can live happily in harmony with myself.

We just need to work on ourselves,that's all.Like an artist creates a masterpiece, we create ourselves.

Dont stop! Believe in yourself. Love and spread the love around you. And dont forget to smile! :)

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Rana said...

for a moment there i expected that i am to see some new news of some baby or something hehehehe don't worry i take that back
i hope u keep that new you, u'll still you don't worry just allow urself to expand! beyond the old you, into a new you keeping the old you alive, as the new you makes u fresher
:p hehehe i know u didn't get lost coz i know u know what am i talking about :D